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The Natural Eyeshadow Palette by NYX Review & Swatches


The Natural Eyeshadow Palette by NYX

I don’t often do reviews of products I’m disappointed with. I know I should because people need to hear what doesn’t work just as much as they need to know when something’s worth the hype. There’s not much hype around this product that I know of, but if there is, I don’t understand it because I was super let down.


I swatched this palette in pairs. The left-hand swatch of each shadow is just the shadow, and the right-hand is the shadow over this primer from NYX. I use this primer when I really want my eye makeup to last, and for some of these colors, it’s the only way to make them register at all as far as pigmentation.


nyxnatural3The brush that came with the palette is useless, so these are just put on with my fingers. As you can see, the first two barely show up even with primer. You’re supposed to us these as highlighters, but I usually skip them because I can’t see them. The second shadow is more pale yellow/gold and has shimmer, and I really don’t go for glitter in my eye shadow.

The last four are okay, but you really can’t skip the primer or else they go on translucent. Even with primer, 3 and 4 had to be swiped on two or three times for full color payoff. I like the shade number 5, but since there are no names on the palette I don’t know if it’s a color NYX offers in a single. Number 6 has decent color payoff without the primer, but with it it’s even darker.

Overall these are hard to blend and don’t last through the whole day (with the exception of 5 and 6 with primer), and the first two are so light that they don’t even count to me. I basically held onto this palette so I could one day do a review about how much I regretted buying it. There are so many high-end neutral eyeshadow palettes out right now (like all the Naked ones from Urban Decay), and I’m not saying you NEED to spend that kind of money, but if you’re looking to go cheap, skip this one and pray you have better luck than I did. I have several single NYX shadows that I love, so the brand itself is still one I love, but this one’s a bad apple.

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Revlon Stormy Pink Swatch & Review



revlonstormypink3Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Stormy Pink // J. Crew Knit Sweater – Thrifted // Adjustable Gold Collar Necklace – DIY



Fall and winter is when I put my burgundy, purple and deep red lipsticks into heavy rotation, but something got into me to buy this pink lipstick. Awhile back my friend Becca let me try her Nars Roman Holiday lipstick, and she said that Stormy Pink was a matter, more opaque dupe. It’s a great versatile shade that actually goes with my skin tone.

Lighter pinks look goofy on me most of the time, but since it’s cooler it works for me. I’ve been working it into my regular lipstick routine because it’s so much fun to have a pink that actually looks good. Even though it’s matte, the formula’s not very drying, and it goes smooth on my lips with minimal prep. If they’re chapped pretty bad, I have to exfoliate a bit, but usually a little lip balm or MAC Prep + Prime is enough.

For a matte shade, it doesn’t last as long as I’m used to. It doesn’t transfer much when I’m drinking out of cups and stuff, so I don’t know where it goes, but at least it fades even. It’s my first lighter matte shade, so that might attribute to it’s shorter wear time. Definitely bring it with you to reapply during the day.

I’m still getting used to the lighting in the new apartment, so sorry if I look a little blown out. I love the new place but I did not take into account that a tree would be blocking the window that I thought would get the best light. Oops! It’s a beautiful tree but it’s made taking non-grainy photos a challenge.

I’ve got a lot of posts lined up finally so I’ll be posting regularly for awhile. Hurray! Feels good to be back in blogging schedule.

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Essie’s Master Plan Review




essie-masterplan2I think I’ve found my perfect gray/purple nail polish. My grurple. I was wary at first because I have a lot of dark gray-beige colors and I have one or two light lilac polishes, so I thought getting another similar shade would be silly, BUT I’m so happy I did.

The formula is just as nice as the color. Sometimes Essie’s polishes chip easy even with a topcoat, but this one stayed on without noticable chipping for four days. Even then, it was only one or two chips on my index and middle finger (the first to chip with any polish I wear). In the photos the polish looks a little lumpy because I wanted to touch it up for the photos (this was after 6 days so I was ready to change), but when I originally applied it, it went on smooth and opaque after two coats.

I know I need to cut down on nail polish colors because I have waaaay too many, but this is one I’m glad I picked up because I’m going to wear it a LOT. This might get the same treatment that my Rimmel Steel Gray got (the only polish I’ve ever completely finished before it dried out). I would definitely recommend this for anyone looking for a neutral that’s different than pink or nude.

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Pucker Up! Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate in 104




After Becca picked up one of these puppies in a light pink shade, I went on a quest for an everyday shade. I have loads of reds, purples, burgundies, and bright pinks, but I have very few shades that work for every day wear. Becca spoke very highly of the Lasting Finish lipstick she picked up, and I trust her with pretty much my life, so lipstick is a no-brainer.

At first I picked up a totally nude shade that made my lips look patchy and gross. Took it back and picked up this wonderful tube of magic.

First things first- these lipsticks have a fruity scent that I love, and of course it dissipates as soon as it’s applied, but if you aren’t a fan of scents I can see this bugging people. I’m personally cool with it. I’m also cool with how good this formula feels for a matte. Since it is matte, it’s a little drying after awhile, but the wear time it good and it fades evenly so you don’t end up with the weird ring if you don’t have time to reapply.

My favorite part is the color itself. It’s a really nice mauvey-pink that I can wear everyday if I’m not feeling up to working a red or other bold color (which happens sometimes– not often! But sometimes).

I don’t know how readily available this is. I found it at CVS but only after trying Target, Walgreens and Ulta first, but if you have find it I really recommend them! They had a lot of other nice colors, but they all looked too much like shades I already had or I would’ve picked them up too. Boooo.

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