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Wedding Weekend Outfits

This past weekend Mark and I went to his sister’s wedding and man do I love weddings. I love getting dressed up, I love dancing, I love food, and I’m kind of a sap when it comes to romantic stuff. I have a hard time not tearing up during first dances and such. Because I have a deep love of outfit planning, I couldn’t miss the chance to put together a little collage of potential outfits (and by potential I mean pretty much what I wore for the weekend). RehearsalDinner

Casual Rehearsal Dinner Outfit:

Printed Blouse // High-Waisted Black Jeans // Gold Belt // Grey Bow Heels // Sparkly Nail Polish // Matte Pink Lipstick


Wedding Guest Outfit:

Floral Dress // Gold Belt // Gold Heels // Cream & Gold Clutch // Sparkly Nail Polish // Fuchsia Matte Lip Pencil

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Battle of the Blue Liners: Revlon Versus Wet n Wild

Earlier this summer I got stuck on the idea of colored liner, and even though I usually try to avoid trends, I feel like blue liner keeps coming in and out of vogue enough to make it worth the plunge. I picked up two liners to see which one I could see myself wearing through the rest of summer (and then some).


Wet n Wild MegaLiner in Indigo Blue // This is the first one I grabbed because I’ve been a fan of some other Wet n Wild products and it’s hard to say no when it’s so cheap (only $2.99). The first thing I noticed was the brush tip which I’m not a fan of. It wasn’t too hard to get the liquid liner evenly on the brush, but I prefer fine felt tips. The color is a shimmery navy that needs a few strokes to come off opaque.


Revlon ColorStay Skinny Liquid Liner in Electric // The second liner I got my hands on was this newer one from Revlon because I’d heard good things about it and it was closer to the color I’d originally pictured. It was a bit more ($7.99) so I had much higher expectations. I love felt tip applicators so I had a very easy time applying it evenly. The color is pretty much exactly like the lid and it comes off opaque with one stroke, so it’s easier to not mess up a good line but having to go over it over and over.


On the left is the Revlon and the right is the Wet n Wild. They both have good staying power and are smudge-proof, but they aren’t waterproof so don’t push your luck if you’re going to be swimming or sweating profusely.


Oh lord the close up eye photos. This is the Wet n Wild liner. It looks a little brighter on the eyes in natural light. It’d be good for someone looking to ease into colored liner because it’s buildable so you can start sheer and work up to something bolder.

bluebattle4Of the two, the Revlon was my winner. Mostly it was the applicator and the color’s opaqueness and matte finish. Both were pretty but I wanted something that would really stand out on an otherwise bland makeup day. I’m just now reviewing it, but I’ve worn it a lot this summer and I can see it being worn for fall and winter as well.

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Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow in Skinlights


Unfortunately I have another tale of eyeshadow disappointment. I bought this awhile back at Ulta because I had the $3.50 off $10 coupon and I need a few extra dollars. I love Revlon, I love cream eye shadows and I love neutral/gold palettes, so I thought it would be safe to pick this up on a whim. When will I learn?!


It has a nice built-in mirror and I loved that the shadows were potted so you could see them when it’s closed. The colors were very pretty, shimmery without being glittery, and the consistency was very soft and easy to apply. The one on the far right-hand side is a matte brown/beige with no shimmer.


All of these are swatched without primer, so the color payoff is nice for neutrals. The rose gold one was my absolute favorite and I was so excited to actually use them on my eyes (I swatched these as soon as I opened them because I didn’t want them to be all smudged and used in product photos).

Too bad that they don’t stay for nothing! They crease like mad too. I’ve tried everything. They don’t go well over primer because they’re a little slippery and it just doesn’t stick. I tried applying setting powder over them to try and preserve their original color, and they creased less, but still creased and eventually faded by lunch. The only thing that sort of worked was using them as a base and applying a similar power eyeshadow over them, essentially using them as a primer. This got rid of the creasing, but it still faded before the day was out, and applying another shadow over changed the original pretty color.

I know Urban Decay has eye primers in different shades, so the only thing I could recommend these for would be a MUCH cheaper version of that, but be warned that while they work in a pinch, that’s definitely not their intended use and it won’t last the whole day. Maybe the champagne color (second from the left) would make a good highlighter? Ugh, such pretty colors but such BAD longevity.

Sorry for another review of disappointment, but them’s the breaks. I can only assume that the rest of this line has a similar consistency, so even though they had a lot of beautiful color combinations, I won’t be trying any other ones.

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Rainbow Fish Nails a la Revlon’s Heavenly Glitter Topcoat






Revlon’s Heavenly glitter topcoat over Wet n Wild’s Gray’s Anatomy

Please ignore my chronically dry cuticles and focus instead on my fancy fancy Rainbow Fish nails (like the children’s book? I don’t even know it just reminded me of it). Glitter polish is a pain but I just don’t care with this one – Revlon’s Heavenly. It’s translucent, rainbow holographic chunky glitter that takes on the color of the polish under it. I’ve done it with darker colors and creamy medium colors like lavender, but I really wanted to try it with an iridescent shade to see if it doubled up on the ethereal effect or if it was just too much.

Definitely be careful when adding multiple layers of Heavenly because it can come off lumpy (as you can see on my index finger). Lots of thin layers is best. Don’t get overzealous like I did. I just really love it.

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Revlon Stormy Pink Swatch & Review



revlonstormypink3Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Stormy Pink // J. Crew Knit Sweater – Thrifted // Adjustable Gold Collar Necklace – DIY



Fall and winter is when I put my burgundy, purple and deep red lipsticks into heavy rotation, but something got into me to buy this pink lipstick. Awhile back my friend Becca let me try her Nars Roman Holiday lipstick, and she said that Stormy Pink was a matter, more opaque dupe. It’s a great versatile shade that actually goes with my skin tone.

Lighter pinks look goofy on me most of the time, but since it’s cooler it works for me. I’ve been working it into my regular lipstick routine because it’s so much fun to have a pink that actually looks good. Even though it’s matte, the formula’s not very drying, and it goes smooth on my lips with minimal prep. If they’re chapped pretty bad, I have to exfoliate a bit, but usually a little lip balm or MAC Prep + Prime is enough.

For a matte shade, it doesn’t last as long as I’m used to. It doesn’t transfer much when I’m drinking out of cups and stuff, so I don’t know where it goes, but at least it fades even. It’s my first lighter matte shade, so that might attribute to it’s shorter wear time. Definitely bring it with you to reapply during the day.

I’m still getting used to the lighting in the new apartment, so sorry if I look a little blown out. I love the new place but I did not take into account that a tree would be blocking the window that I thought would get the best light. Oops! It’s a beautiful tree but it’s made taking non-grainy photos a challenge.

I’ve got a lot of posts lined up finally so I’ll be posting regularly for awhile. Hurray! Feels good to be back in blogging schedule.

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