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OPI Glitter Off Natural Nail Base Coat

OPIGlitterOff1I started researching peelable base coats awhile back because even though I love glitter nail polishes, they’re really more trouble than they’re worth to get off your nails. The feeling of cotton balls catching on glitter bits while you try to scrub them off just makes my skin crawl. Ech. I shuddered just typing it.

Anyhow, Essence and OPI seemed to make the most noteworthy ones, and using Mark’s Amazon Prime, I ordered the OPI’s version. Why these things aren’t readily available in regular stores I just don’t know. Ugh.

Even though it looks white and goopy, it actually dries clear on the nail. ALSO – If you have spare nail polish bottles laying around, the main ingredients in this stuff is basically two parts Elmer’s glue and one part water. I haven’t personally tried that concoction but I’ve seen a few DIYs on the internet that show it works just as good as the ones made by actual nail polish companies. OPIGlitterOff2This was with one coat of the base coat. Make sure you let the base coat dry completely before you apply the nail polish. I waited a full day before trying to peel off the Zoya Pixie Dust polish (one of my least favorite to remove but a favorite to wear). I used a cuticle pusher toward the base of my nail bed and it started to peel up very easily. It still took some doing toward the end. You can see that it came off in bits instead of one really satisfying piece like I’d hoped. There were still a few glittery spots clinging to the edge of my nails that made for easy cleanup. As you can see, my nail is free of 99% of the polish but they do look dry. Rub some cuticle oil/cream or argan oil on and they’re just fine. OPIGlitterOff3This was with two layers of the base coat. I only waited a few hours before trying to remove it because I’m impatienttttt, so keep that in mind when comparing the results. It was much easier to get the nail polish off with two layers underneath. See how it’s all bunched up and gummy looking? It just balled up as I pushed instead of flipping up like a scale on the first try. I think the best way is just to do a very thick single layer of the base coat instead of two.

ETA: OKAY here’s a quick update. This base coat does not hold up well if your hands are spending a lot of time in warm water. The polish just slides off intact when I’m washing my hair or if I take a bath. So take that as you will. If you like to bathe/wash your hair, watch your nails. It’s weird, but I actually just put a thin base coat on and then put the intact polish back on. It was like putting on a fake nail. Nails are weird.

I worried that the removable quality of the base coat would make the polish itself not stay as well, but so far that hasn’t been the case. I’m really excited about the prospect of wearing my glitter polishes more without totally dreading the removal process the entire time. I’m gonna sparkle so hard.

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