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Essie’s Blue Rhapsody


My lovely friend Catherine gifted this to me back at Christmas, and it’s been in my rotation more and more lately. This is from the same line as Penny Talk, and they both have a highly metallic finish that I love. I’m slowly accruing more blue polish but this is unlike any of the other ones. As with Penny Talk, the formula is not my favorite, but I guess it’s necessary for the shiny finish.

Make sure you buff your nails because the metallic look accentuates ridges and brittle nail ends. It goes on lumpy over basecoats and it looks strange with a topcoat, so I just slap on two layers and call it a day. It chips like mad but I just don’t care. I change my polish so much that I don’t mind having to touch up or just completely reapply.

It’s worth the work for the final look though. Doesn’t it remind you of BeyoncĂ©’s nails in her new shoot for OUT Magazine?


Beyoncé, photographed by Santiago & Mauricio for OUT Magazine




I wish you all soft, moisturized cuticles (unlike mine).


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Mushy Gushy Pink Valentine’s Mani




ValentinesDayMani-4Polishes: Zoya’s Mia & essie’s In Stitches // Jewelry: Studded Ring – Forever 21 & Crescent Moon Midi Ring – etsy

I was feeling festive, and even though this mani is now gone, it was fun to do a little valentiney thing around the general time of Valentine’s Day. I free-handed the tips because I didn’t have the patience for straight lines, but I thought they didn’t turn out too bad!

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Essie’s Master Plan Review




essie-masterplan2I think I’ve found my perfect gray/purple nail polish. My grurple. I was wary at first because I have a lot of dark gray-beige colors and I have one or two light lilac polishes, so I thought getting another similar shade would be silly, BUT I’m so happy I did.

The formula is just as nice as the color. Sometimes Essie’s polishes chip easy even with a topcoat, but this one stayed on without noticable chipping for four days. Even then, it was only one or two chips on my index and middle finger (the first to chip with any polish I wear). In the photos the polish looks a little lumpy because I wanted to touch it up for the photos (this was after 6 days so I was ready to change), but when I originally applied it, it went on smooth and opaque after two coats.

I know I need to cut down on nail polish colors because I have waaaay too many, but this is one I’m glad I picked up because I’m going to wear it a LOT. This might get the same treatment that my Rimmel Steel Gray got (the only polish I’ve ever completely finished before it dried out). I would definitely recommend this for anyone looking for a neutral that’s different than pink or nude.

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Floral Mani



floralmani3Essie Red Nouveau // Revlon Bare Bones // love & beauty sky blue // Zoya Raven

I rarely do nail art anymore, but these blob flowers were really easy, and I got tons of compliments. I tested different color combinations on a spare sheet of paper till I found some that I liked. My advice would be to make sure all the little blobs are dry before putting on the top coat because it will smear like mine did. Sad face.

It’s a really easy alternative to the more meticulous nail art options out there. I want to try it again with some different color choices soon, but I’ll probably stick to straight one-color nails for a bit. Nail art can be fun, but I have a soft spot for no-nonsense plain manis.

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Heart Overload

Heart Overload

Essie’s In Stitches & L’Oreal’s Because You’re Worth It

In case you haven’t already gotten your feel, here is a quick heart-riddled photo of my nails for Valentine’s Day. I figured a nail on the ring finger, heart bokeh filter, and heart cutout should do it.

The mister and I don’t usually do much on actual Valentine’s Day but we still love each other! We’re usually gifted out by this point because both of our birthdays, our anniversary, and Christmas all fall within a month of each other in December-January, so we eat a lot of discount candy and sometimes go out for dinner the weekend after VD.

No matter how you spend it, I hope you have a good Valentine’s Day! My friend Becca made a good point that it doesn’t have to be about lovey gooey significant other stuff (that’s okay too though!). Her family and mine have always used it as an excuse to celebrate each other. Dawww.

Anyways this is my Valentine’s Day post. I hope you liked my sorry excuse for nail art. The iPhone is really forgiving at showing my crappy heart-drawing skills.

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