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Wedding Weekend Outfits

This past weekend Mark and I went to his sister’s wedding and man do I love weddings. I love getting dressed up, I love dancing, I love food, and I’m kind of a sap when it comes to romantic stuff. I have a hard time not tearing up during first dances and such. Because I have a deep love of outfit planning, I couldn’t miss the chance to put together a little collage of potential outfits (and by potential I mean pretty much what I wore for the weekend). RehearsalDinner

Casual Rehearsal Dinner Outfit:

Printed Blouse // High-Waisted Black Jeans // Gold Belt // Grey Bow Heels // Sparkly Nail Polish // Matte Pink Lipstick


Wedding Guest Outfit:

Floral Dress // Gold Belt // Gold Heels // Cream & Gold Clutch // Sparkly Nail Polish // Fuchsia Matte Lip Pencil

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Vegas 2014: Virtual Packing

Vegas 2014

I am going on a much-needed vacation to Vegas with my mister and a few of our friends this Labor Day, and even though it’s a super short trip, I still get excited thinking about what I’m going to pack. When it’s a trip this short, I really have to boil down what I’ll actually wear.

These are all from Polyvore so some of them are just CLOSE to the actual items I own. Obviously I’m a huge fan of color. Obviously. Seriously though, I love packing for planning way more than actual packing. It’ll take my mind off of worrying about flying on a plane for the first time in quite awhile. Big worry wart here.

I’ll try to take cool artsy photos, maybe even of the outfits I’m planning to wear. We shall see. I hope you all have a great long weekend (if you have one)!

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Party Time

Christmas Party

Today is my birthday! And while I’m not having a birthday party this year, I love a good excuse to dream up an outfit, and since I still have a few holiday parties this season, why not slap one together for a post?

I either own these exact things or something like them (minus the zodiac pendant). I’ve never been good at that on Polyvore, especially if it’s an item that I bought awhile back. My velvet skater dress is actually a full sleeve and I’m finally getting it tailored properly this week so I can give it the winter wear it deserves. Silly me thought that velvet was no problem to just take in myself. That was a mess.

I know the pendant isn’t actually holiday themed, BUT it is my zodiac sign, and my birthday season is here, so I thought it’d be fun to toss in there. I’d probably just substitute my crystal necklace instead.

I’m about to start some more traveling for Christmas, so posts may be slow OR I might recruit my cool family to help me take photos. Who knows. Happy birthday to all my other December babies out there! You know the pain of having your gifts lumped together.

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