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Blue Eyes


I’d been feeling very blah about my nails the past month or so. I’d let them chip and fall into disrepair, go days and days with naked nails where before I was switching colors every few days and just generally didn’t care, but then I remembered this slideshow on Refinery29 awhile back and I suddenly needed to not just paint them, but freehand little circles and dots as well. This was my end result.



Zoya in Kristen // Chanel in Quartz // Zoya in Raven

I don’t know what colors they used for the mood ring spread, so I used what I had that was similar.



blueeyesnails3I didn’t photography my right hand because it didn’t turn out as nice and because I had to hold the camera, but it actually didn’t come out half bad. They just look like little spooky blue irises to me. From a distance Mark thinks it looks like I have little holes in my fingernails which is terrifying to imagine, but I like creepy stuff so I’m also kind of okay with it.

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Half & Half



peridothalf3As much as I love a good set of nail art with crisp lines and symmetrical designs, I don’t usually have the patience to pull out tape, let nails dry forever, etc. I wanted something fun, and this might just look lazy, but I thought it was kind of fun. I just painted the bottom half of my nails with Chanel’s Peridot and put a clear coat on it. The top part is just my naked nail with clear coat. It just looks like they’ve been dipped in green-gold.

I used a cheap topcoat and it showed. Two nails were almost completely gone by the end of the first day. I love the color of Peridot, but the formula flakes easily, so don’t skimp on topcoat. Use something heavy duty and dependable like Seche Vite. Peridot costs a pretty penny, but I’ve seen some decent dupes, like from O.P.I. (Just Spotted the Lizard) and Revlon (Chrome Chameleon Gold).

I’ve been pulled toward one color manicures for a long time now, but recently I’ve been playing with nail art recently (and by nail art I mean different colored tips), so maybe I’ll give it a go again.

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