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Taylor S/S 2014


Amethyst Mirror on DesignLoveFest


El Cosmico in Marfa, TX


Mango Mule With Candied Ginger on Climbing Grier Mountain


RillRill Lookbook Photographed by Mikola Accuardi

inspirationpost4Honey Ginger Coconut Popsicle at Kinfolk

Even if yesterday was technically the first day of Spring, I still can’t wait for full on warm weather with shorts and lace bralettes with tanks and swimsuits – ugh I’m driving myself crazy just thinking about it. These are all things that get me revved up for the seasons to come, and everything I hope to do. I want to do more swimming. I want to travel (Marfa would be so dreamy – hanging out in a dolled up trailer and taking a bath in an outdoor clawfoot tub in the desert sounds amazing to me). There better be lots of summery beverages and frozen treats. I want to continue to clean out old belongings and make our apartment my favorite place by updating it with meaningful improvements (we need an entryway mirror and that crystal-rimmed one is beautiful!). I’m also getting a planter stand next week for our patio so I can grow herbs. We get just the right amount of sun and we’re out of the wind, so I’m looking forward to not having to pay $$$ for rosemary, basil, mint, etc.

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Home From the Holidays



christmastree3I hope everyone’s had a great holiday season! I spent last week celebrating Christmas with my family, and even though it’s a stressful, unpredictable time of year, I wouldn’t want to be with any other people this time of year.

I wanted to capture a few of my favorite ornaments before we pack up the tree for the year. The rabbit was handmade by my sweet Becca, so it’s hard for the other ornaments to match up. The turtle doves were on sale at Target so I grabbed them because they reminded me of Home Alone 2 and a pair of pink turtle doves we always put on our tree as kids.

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Julia Wine Cat Sleep Mask



A few weeks ago my kitty cat sleep mask from Julia Wine’s etsy shop arrived, and I’m in love! It’s soft and doesn’t squeeze my head, and of course it does what it’s meant to do best- it keeps my room nice and dark so I sleep deeper and more soundly.

I’m not the night-owl I used to be, but my mister definitely is, so now he can look at his laptop or watch Netflix in bed without worrying about keeping me up! Plus it has kitty ears. She makes bunny, bear, and cloud masks too, and of course I picked mine in black, but if you enjoy color like most people do, she uses a bunch of cute fabrics and patterns.

I just wanted to share it! I think they’re all cute and fun, and if you’re bad like me about keeping your phone or laptop by your bed, this really helps to block out any extra light and improve the quality of your sleep.

P.S. If anyone cares (cause I think it looks extra good in these pictures for some reason), I’m wearing Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Hibiscus here.

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Gold Leaf DIY


A plain container or bowl (I’m using my favorite rabbit ring holder)

Gold Leaf

Soft brush

Adhesive and sealant for the gold leaf (You kind find this at most craft stores)

You can use this to spruce up any kind of decorative bowl or container. I don’t recommend it for cups or bowls you eat out of though.

1. Start off with your plain bowl/container. I love this container and if I ever cut back on rings, I don’t want it to look too bland.

2. Make sure bowl is clean and dry.

3. Coat the bottom of the bowl with adhesive. Don’t leave any puddles, and wait about an hour for it to get tacky. The kind I used starts off milky white and dries totally clear. I’m covered the entire bottom, but you can do any design you like.

4. Lay down the gold leaf. I used some tweezers so the leaf wouldn’t stick to my fingertips. Gold leaf is very delicate. Once you lay it down, pat it gently with a soft bristled brush to get good contact with the adhesive. Be gentle because the gold leaf will flake off if you’re too rough!

5. Brush on the sealant so your leaf won’t chip off. I applied two coats, allowing the first to dry completely before adding the second.

6. Tah-dah! All done! I like mine to look a little distressed, so I left some white patches, but it would look good fully coated too.

I’d gold leaf everything if I could, but for right now I just touched up this little number. I have a ton of metal leaf in different colors leftover from when I used to paint a lot more, so if you’re not into gold, they make silver, red, green, you name it they probably have it.

Have fun!

Bee Collar Chain DIY

You’ll need:

  • A few inches of chain (depending on how long you want it)
  • Loops
  • Charm (I used bees!)
  • Tie Tack with Pad
  • E-6000 Glue

I also made a single pin with no chain to use as a little brooch. It’s also a bee because I don’t have many charms left.  E-6000 glue is seriously the easiest crafting adhesive ever. I can use it from everything to fabric (like on my couch arm fix) to jewelry. This craft took me literally about five minutes (plus a little bit of drying time), and at the same time I re-affixed the ram head charm to my ram ring since it broke the last time I was out.

I hope you enjoyed the little peek at my bedroom wall. Usually I shoot in front of the only blank wall in the apartment, a five foot space in Mark’s office, but this is the re-purposed bee calendar that I chalkboard painted and hung up above my nightstand. Right now it has my favorite quote from FLCL. The top part of the original calendar has beautiful gold detailing, and it was so easy to slap on some chalkboard paint to extend its use.