Unless I’m carrying a tiny, itty bitty bag, it’s a given that I’ll have some kind of journal on me. I’ve always been a doodler, but I’m also an avid list maker. Whether it’s groceries, chores or blog post ideas, I get a great deal of satisfaction from crossing things off in any sort of to-do list.

I love Moleskines, but I’ll take any sort of plain or pretty journal. I’m currently working through the bee notebook right now, and I got it in the check-out line at Home Goods. I have so many empty standbys that I won’t need a new one for a long while, but I do fill them up quickly. Unfortunately I don’t paint at all anymore, but I still draw in my notebooks, and that keeps me going. They’re also good for bouncing around ideas for this here blog when it’s a little slow-going (kind of like it is now – sorry!). Sometimes I’m struck with a thought that I know I won’t be able to hang onto till I get home to my computer, and it’s just not as much fun to put notes on a smart phone. Notebooks win forever.


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