Bunny Foo Foo: Little Purses for Little Things




ASOS Quilt Cross Body Bag With Rabbit Ears

My main purse (seen here) can sometimes feel like a bottomless pit of stuff. At any time I have at least (at least!) five lipsticks, a smaller bag with a nail file, hand cream, floss, etc., my wallet, a facial mist, my keys – it’s just ridiculous but really I use it all enough to justify keeping it. Then there are days where I know all I’ll need is the bare essentials, and this bunny bag is an even better reason to have more days like that. I like the idea of really boiling down what you want and just heading out.

On a day I carry this little beaut, I’ll bring my phone, id and debit card (not pictured), mirror compact, lip balm, sunglasses and some aspirin (in the little flower case). I leave room for car keys and maybe one extra, like blotting linens or a facial mist if it’s hot, but that’s it! Having other bits is nice if you can take them, but more and more I’ve been tossing the basics in here and going about my business. It’s a nice change!

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One thought on “Bunny Foo Foo: Little Purses for Little Things

  1. Totally agree. All I use for errands is a cute FOX clutch holding my phone and other essentials.

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