Summer Love List


Usually wishlist-style posts like this are full of things I intend to buy in the future, but this time the list is composed of things I already have or have recently acquired (minus the bra). As you can tell, summer doesn’t necessarily make me more colorful, but I still enjoy a new season as much as anybody ever did!

1. Kate Spade Saturday In the Loop Skimmers // After years of getting my black flats from cheapo places like Forever 21, Payless, H&M, etc., I finally decided to get a sturdy pair of basic black leather flats. I switch out my shoes fairly often, but black flats are one of those staples that if it’s not good quality, I’m going to wear it OUT. I was drawn to these because they’re not flashy but the little loop detail keeps them from being completely plain. I didn’t plan to wear them 6/7 days a week as a test to see how durable they were, but that’s what happened because they’re so easy to slip on and go.

2. Warby Parker Lyle Frames in Plum Marblewood // I know, I know. I already have a bunch of glasses, but I hadn’t gotten a new pair in awhile and I’d been looking at these for about two months before I fit them into my budget and snagged them. All of my glasses are black, gray or some kind of brown tortoiseshell, so when Warby Park put out the color Plum Marblewood, I couldn’t stop checking to see which frames it came in. It has really subtle touches of purple within a brown/black marbling, so I got the color frames I’d been looking for without getting something way out of my regular style. They’re also round but small in comparison to some of my frames, so they look very grown-up to me. I’ll probably do a full post on them soon!

3. ASOS Quitt Cross Body Bag With Rabbit Ears // Most of my bags are pretty big and I have a clutch or two, but no small purses. I’d been coming back to this again and again because I’d seen it online/on other blogs and I wanted to talk myself out of it because those EARS. But I love those ears. And it’s black. I’m instantly drawn to pieces more if they come in black. It’s the perfect size for some cash, id, phone, lipstick, maybe a small facial spray or body mist and a pair of glasses/sunglasses.

4. Skivvies by For Love & Lemons Fleur Bra in Black // This is the one thing on this list that I probably won’t get, but I can still admire it and love it from afar. I’m a wee too busty for little triangle bras like this, but I saw it awhile back and I wished it would look good on me. It’s so delicate and pretty and I love it.

5. Assets by Sara Blakely One-Piece Floral Swimsuit From Target // I’ve already broken this in late in the spring for our little cabin trip with friends in May. I usually gravitate to black swimsuits, but this one was floral with just enough black to keep me interested. It kind of reminds me of Monet. I was a little hesitant because it was only available online, and swimwear can be tricky, but it worked out in the end. If anyone else is interested in this one, just be advised that it doesn’t have as much stretch as most swimsuits I’ve owned. It fit fine once it was on, but even with my non-existent hips I had trouble shuffling into it at first. Totally worth it though!

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One thought on “Summer Love List

  1. Daddoo says:

    The bag with the bunny ears are awesome. they are you. much love

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