Dallas Arboretum Date




Blouse & Heart Sunglasses – Forever 21 // Black A-Line Midi Skirt – Chicwish // Clogs – Lotta From Stockholm

Mark and I had a fun date day at the Dallas Arboretum this past Saturday! It feels like we’ve been busy lately so it was nice to take a day and look at all the gardens. Plus we ate tacos after and tacos are like my family. I love them.

I thought I looked super cute, but truth be told, it was humid as all get out in the mid 90’s, so I was sweating my face off from the moment we got out of the car. This is the first time I’ve worn this skirt out, and even though I love how it puffs and swishes, it’s polyester so I’ll make a note to wear it to indoor events in the future (or just on cooler days, which will be in short supply now that summer’s almost in full swing). There were kids playing in some of the fountains and I was so jealous you wouldn’t believe.

I took tons of photos of the flowers, but Mark was nice enough to snap a few shots since I haven’t done an outfit post in what feels like forever. Our new apartment (I say new like we haven’t been here almost a year) has really bad lighting and no open spaces good for taking photos, so that’s why the posts have slowed down this past year. Sorry! I’ve got a bunch lined up so it won’t be so sparse this next month!

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6 thoughts on “Dallas Arboretum Date

  1. Daddoo says:

    You look cool even in the heat.

  2. Irene says:

    Dallas Arboretum plants look lush and tropical against the white gravel and painted concrete walls. Black and white looks good anywhere; inside or outside.
    Your post is especially welcome in the middle of a hot summer day; inside with air conditioning.

  3. Hey, nice post! I’m Cameron and I’m very interested in fashion and style. I think you would enjoy my posts; I would really appreciate a follow back! Thanks!

  4. blushingbiddies says:

    Very cute! I love skirts that are about that length <3

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