Essie’s Blue Rhapsody


My lovely friend Catherine gifted this to me back at Christmas, and it’s been in my rotation more and more lately. This is from the same line as Penny Talk, and they both have a highly metallic finish that I love. I’m slowly accruing more blue polish but this is unlike any of the other ones. As with Penny Talk, the formula is not my favorite, but I guess it’s necessary for the shiny finish.

Make sure you buff your nails because the metallic look accentuates ridges and brittle nail ends. It goes on lumpy over basecoats and it looks strange with a topcoat, so I just slap on two layers and call it a day. It chips like mad but I just don’t care. I change my polish so much that I don’t mind having to touch up or just completely reapply.

It’s worth the work for the final look though. Doesn’t it remind you of Beyoncé’s nails in her new shoot for OUT Magazine?


Beyoncé, photographed by Santiago & Mauricio for OUT Magazine




I wish you all soft, moisturized cuticles (unlike mine).


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