Dermal Green Tea Collagen Essence Mask Review


Dermal Green Tea Collagen Essence Mask


My skin has been looking kind of rough lately. Part of that is probably due to weather change and stress, but it’s also because I’ve been trying new moisturizer samples and it’s wreaking havoc. I swear I’ll never forget why I love Cetaphil again. Blegh. Anyway, it’s been extra ruddy and flaky and acne-prone, and I had tried one of these before after picking it up from Super H-Mart. They’re so cheap and I love a good mask, so I thought why not just buy a bunch in bulk off the internet and see what using them consistently could do?

They had a bunch of varieties (hello Snail Essence?), but I stuck with Green Tea since I’ve been having issues with increases redness. Since the sheet mask is super-saturated with collagen, green tea extract and moisturizers, they just lay directly on your skin for 15-20 minutes, so you’ll enjoy looking like this for a bit:

dermalgreentea3I like to warn Mark before I put one on so I don’t startle him. As you can see, they really don’t fit every contour of your face, but smooth it out as best you can and try not to smile or eat or move your face very much. I usually hang out alone and watch Netflix while I’m wearing this because any sort of face movement kind of dislodges it. Luckily it doesn’t slide down once it’s fixed. I worried that since it’s so slippery that it would begin to migrate downward, but it holds up.

When you’re done, just peel it off, rub in the excess goo and admire your smooth, relaxed face! My skin always looks a little plumper and less dull for about a day after use, so it’s not a permanent solution to a dry/dull complexion, but when used twice a week, it’s a cheap way to refresh your face. If anyone’s ever tried their other masks (I’m looking as you Snail Essence), I’d love to hear if they work as well!

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One thought on “Dermal Green Tea Collagen Essence Mask Review

  1. Richard Cook says:

    That mask is very scary looking, but you are beautiful.

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