The Natural Eyeshadow Palette by NYX Review & Swatches


The Natural Eyeshadow Palette by NYX

I don’t often do reviews of products I’m disappointed with. I know I should because people need to hear what doesn’t work just as much as they need to know when something’s worth the hype. There’s not much hype around this product that I know of, but if there is, I don’t understand it because I was super let down.


I swatched this palette in pairs. The left-hand swatch of each shadow is just the shadow, and the right-hand is the shadow over this primer from NYX. I use this primer when I really want my eye makeup to last, and for some of these colors, it’s the only way to make them register at all as far as pigmentation.


nyxnatural3The brush that came with the palette is useless, so these are just put on with my fingers. As you can see, the first two barely show up even with primer. You’re supposed to us these as highlighters, but I usually skip them because I can’t see them. The second shadow is more pale yellow/gold and has shimmer, and I really don’t go for glitter in my eye shadow.

The last four are okay, but you really can’t skip the primer or else they go on translucent. Even with primer, 3 and 4 had to be swiped on two or three times for full color payoff. I like the shade number 5, but since there are no names on the palette I don’t know if it’s a color NYX offers in a single. Number 6 has decent color payoff without the primer, but with it it’s even darker.

Overall these are hard to blend and don’t last through the whole day (with the exception of 5 and 6 with primer), and the first two are so light that they don’t even count to me. I basically held onto this palette so I could one day do a review about how much I regretted buying it. There are so many high-end neutral eyeshadow palettes out right now (like all the Naked ones from Urban Decay), and I’m not saying you NEED to spend that kind of money, but if you’re looking to go cheap, skip this one and pray you have better luck than I did. I have several single NYX shadows that I love, so the brand itself is still one I love, but this one’s a bad apple.

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2 thoughts on “The Natural Eyeshadow Palette by NYX Review & Swatches

  1. I managed to get a cheap natural palette from catrice in europe which always worked well for me, but isn’t readily available in England. It’s such a shame that some cheap palettes can be done so well and some let you down so badly! MUA are usually good for affordable palettes, as are sleek, and both normally have good colour payoff, especially for the money.

    S xo.

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