The One

SoleSociety-PriscillaSatchelSole Society’s “Priscilla” Bag

Okay okay, saying that this is The One is maybe a bit much, but I’m really, really happy with this little fella. I love the look of satchel bags, but sometimes I’m also drawn to the carry all bag that has room for all my lipsticks, books, journals, DS, etc. This is a great compromise because it has that structured look that I like and I’ve had no trouble throwing what I need for the day without it getting jam-packed.

One day I’ll probably have a real leather bag, but this vegan leather (a fancy term for higher quality pleather) was not a disappointment. I know it won’t be quite as durable because I love to wear out my bags, but this puppy will get a lot of use from me. It’s got a versatile look so I don’t feel the need to swap out very often. I actually don’t own that many bags (I have three + a canvas tote) and I may even narrow that down.

This was my first Sole Society purchase, but it arrived quickly (minus a hiccup because of snow in Dallas) and has been a welcome addition to my accessories! I’d definitely recommend them.

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2 thoughts on “The One

  1. Delia says:

    Simple bags are the best, they go with everything and have that hint of sophistication. Love the one you picked!

  2. […] main purse (seen here) can sometimes feel like a bottomless pit of stuff. At any time I have at least (at least!) five […]

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