NARS Guy Bourdin Lip Pencil Set





guybourdin-sexmachine2Sex Machine // This was one I didn’t expect to love as much as I did. I thought I’d like it, but it’s such a great light, sort of nude pink. It doesn’t wash me out and it’ great for everyday. It’s on the cooler side, and I have to agree with the name. It’s sexy (in an everyday cutie pie kind of way). It’s a velvet matte finish so it has good lasting power, but it doesn’t leave as much of a stain or stay on as long as some of the darker colors in this set.



guybourdin-neversaynever1Never Say Never // This is a great fuchsia pink. I like layering it under my Revlon’s Colorburst lipstick in Fuchsia when I want a really punched up pink lip. This is also a velvet matte finish, and it’s a little drying, so prep your lips and get rid of any chapped/dry patches. Since it’s a bolder color, it’s long lasting.


guybourdin-dolcevita2Dolce Vita // I can see this color working for a lot of people. It’s a wonderful reddish pink. It’s kind of a hard color to describe, but I can see why it’s one of their more popular colors. I think this is a good gateway to red lipstick for people working their way up. Also a velvet matte but not as drying as Cruella and Never Say Never.


guybourdin-cruella2Cruella // Like I don’t have enough red lipsticks. Having this little red lip pencil is great for touch-ups and for perfecting my red lip game. It’s good on its own, but it also makes a great liner to help red tube lipstick last longer and look more polished. As much as I adore this red (just a touch of pink so it’s cool without being really dark, just ugh great), I have to say it’s drying. It’s coming out of the coldest part of winter here, so I’m sure my lips are extra chapped and beat up already, but it just feels a little uncomfortable after a few hours, so I have to put on a little lip balm and reapply.



guybourdin-newlover2New Lover // I know, I know. I’ve already reviewed this before because I got a mini lip pencil of this awhile back, but I still love it! Even if it’s not new. I love it by itself. I love it over nude and pink lipsticks. It’s got such a pretty, gold sheen on the pink and it doesn’t feel sticky for a gloss. My first mini was pretty much done, so I’m glad that I have a second one. Since this is a gloss pencil, it’s not drying.

Since I already have so many lip products, this is the perfect set because I got to try so many new colors from NARS, and they’re all the smaller sample size, so I feel like finishing these will be less daunting. I think I have at least three of them in my purse right now. I wear them several times a week and I have no plans of stopping. And the bag! Normally I like just plain makeup bags, but those blue lips are really endearing to me for some reason. I wish it was a little bigger because I want to take it with me everywhere, but it can’t fit a ton of stuff in it.

Thanks for looking at so many weird close-ups of my face/mouth! I still haven’t found that sweet spot in my apartment with good light and room for my tripod, so I hope that the myspace type selfies will suffice. ALSO I forgot how hard it can be on your lips taking so many shots of different colors one after another. Marathon lipstick swatches are murder on my mouth. I hope my lips don’t have to take that sort of abuse again any time soon. Poor things.

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14 thoughts on “NARS Guy Bourdin Lip Pencil Set

  1. Daddoo says:

    Has anyone told you that you are very beautiful?

  2. Wow – those all look amazing on you! I think my favs are Dolce Vita and New Lover! Where did you pick up this adorable set? Sephora?
    – Michelle

  3. natziwang says:

    Argh I love them all! Why is NARS so expensive? D=

    • I know! That’s why I love sets like this because it’s so much easier to try a bunch at the same time. I wish they put out sets like this all year and not just around the holidays (when I got this one).

  4. katrina says:

    i’ve been drawn to pink lipstick hues lately and i think these look great on you, especially the top 3 — i just love them, a worthwhile investment, surely!

  5. blushingbiddies says:

    All these colors work SOOO well for you! Kinda regret not getting this now, lol. I just found your blog and I’m kinda in love! *follow* :D
    Blushing Biddies

  6. armedwithalipstick says:

    You are just SO beautiful!
    And great post (sadly they don´t sell NARS around here… )

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