Black Triangle + Iridescent Mani



Scissors // Tape // Sinful Colors – Whipped // Wet n Wild – Grey’s Anatomy

What’s missing from this little lineup that I should’ve included is a clear topcoat. I should’ve put it over the Grey’s Anatomy before painting on the black matte triangles. It’s chipping bad on the tips now. Boo. Don’t be lazy like me!


I cut triangles out of the tape and used it as a stencil to paint on the black triangles. I really like the look of the matte polish over the different finish.


I still love this Grey’s Anatomy polish! It’s a pretty good dupe for Nars’s Disco Inferno. It’s so much fun how it goes from purplish…


…to gray green.


Never mind my dirty palm. Black nail polish is so hard to get off skin!

2 thoughts on “Black Triangle + Iridescent Mani

  1. Daddoo says:

    T- That is very cool.

  2. Joanna Noriel says:

    I used the same tape to make straight lines. Never thought of this design. It’s simple but very creative.

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