Party Time

Christmas Party

Today is my birthday! And while I’m not having a birthday party this year, I love a good excuse to dream up an outfit, and since I still have a few holiday parties this season, why not slap one together for a post?

I either own these exact things or something like them (minus the zodiac pendant). I’ve never been good at that on Polyvore, especially if it’s an item that I bought awhile back. My velvet skater dress is actually a full sleeve and I’m finally getting it tailored properly this week so I can give it the winter wear it deserves. Silly me thought that velvet was no problem to just take in myself. That was a mess.

I know the pendant isn’t actually holiday themed, BUT it is my zodiac sign, and my birthday season is here, so I thought it’d be fun to toss in there. I’d probably just substitute my crystal necklace instead.

I’m about to start some more traveling for Christmas, so posts may be slow OR I might recruit my cool family to help me take photos. Who knows. Happy birthday to all my other December babies out there! You know the pain of having your gifts lumped together.

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One thought on “Party Time

  1. Irene says:

    Happy Birthday!

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