Lush’s Roots Hair Treatment



I have a lot of hair, but you’d never know it because it’s so damn thin. Enter Roots Hair Treatment from Lush. I’m so sad that it’s gone, but rest assure this is a repeat buy that I’ll be getting my hands on again soon. This is my second tub. I try to stretch it out, but since I have long hair it’s easy to go through it quickly.

It’s a thick, minty hair treatment that you concentrate on your scalp but pull through the ends of your hair. The peppermint and spearmint oils revitalizing your scalp and make it feel tingly and cool, but it also has extra virgin olive oil and honey that soften and condition the hair. It has the effect of deep conditioning without making my hair feel heavy.

I like to put it on when my hair’s a little dirty instead of washing it. When I rinse it out in the shower, my hair looks and feels clean and conditioned, so there’s no need for additional shampoo or conditioner. It feels so amazing that I’m sure it would work on different hair types, but it’s perfect for my fine hair and I need to restock asap. I miss slopping a big handful of this minty stuff on my scalp.

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3 thoughts on “Lush’s Roots Hair Treatment

  1. victoriagaziano says:

    great blog! i’ve just put up a post all about lush products too :) take a look :) xx

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