Essie’s Master Plan Review




essie-masterplan2I think I’ve found my perfect gray/purple nail polish. My grurple. I was wary at first because I have a lot of dark gray-beige colors and I have one or two light lilac polishes, so I thought getting another similar shade would be silly, BUT I’m so happy I did.

The formula is just as nice as the color. Sometimes Essie’s polishes chip easy even with a topcoat, but this one stayed on without noticable chipping for four days. Even then, it was only one or two chips on my index and middle finger (the first to chip with any polish I wear). In the photos the polish looks a little lumpy because I wanted to touch it up for the photos (this was after 6 days so I was ready to change), but when I originally applied it, it went on smooth and opaque after two coats.

I know I need to cut down on nail polish colors because I have waaaay too many, but this is one I’m glad I picked up because I’m going to wear it a LOT. This might get the same treatment that my Rimmel Steel Gray got (the only polish I’ve ever completely finished before it dried out). I would definitely recommend this for anyone looking for a neutral that’s different than pink or nude.

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