Sister Wedding Photo Flood

A big part of the travels that lead to my impromptu blogging break were to get ready for and ultimately celebrate my sister Jordan’s wedding. It was a beautiful day with tons of friends and family, and the photos came out beautiful so I thought it’d be fun to share some of my favorites. There were literally over a thousand pictures so paring it down to just these was tough, but I feel like they capture some of the most important parts of the day. Just a warning – this is super image heavy.

jw03Our dresses all hung up.

jw01My youngest sister Kennedy getting dolled up. She was a bridesmaid (and a baby babe).

jw02My crazy eye bags and me. Luckily they got me looking perty for my maid of honor duties.

jw04The beautiful bride!

jw05The three Cook sisters in all their wedding glory.

jw06My sister’s then-fiance now-husband Boomer and his groomsmen looking like the cover of an intense movie poster.

jw07Less intense groomsmen photo.

jw08All of Jordo’s bridesmaids helping with the garter.


jw10My Daddoo’s first look at Jordo. Super precious.

jw11Some of the sweetest photos from the bunch were from this little moment. I wasn’t there obviously but it was nice to see their reactions to each other.

jw13My parents and Jordo being cute.

jw14The wedding was at our family’s church. They really made it even more beautiful than usual.

jw15Kenny walking!

jw17Me me walking!

jw16Boomer waiting for…



jw20The wedding party took this cute trolley to the reception.

jw21Wedding selfies all over the place.


jw12Collection of her invitations. She got tons of compliments on them, and they were so Jordan.

jw24They had a wish tree where you could leave sweet messages for the couple.

jw23Their cake was a huge hit and very, very tasty.

jw25A lot of the people in attendance (including the bride) are UT alumni, so of course they played “The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You” at the reception.

jw26I hope you see me in the middle of the group doing my bouquet catching stretches.

jw27They paid off. Take note, Mark.

jw28The send off was glitter. As you can imagine, it got everywhere.

jw29It made for a beautiful send off, but Jordo said she was finding glitter in her hair for weeks after.

jw30The last photo of the night! The photographers did such a good job capturing everything, including this little moment when Jordo and Boomer left their wedding.


Aaaand because we didn’t get many cutesy shots at the wedding, we made sure we got some in the photobooth. My mister made a handsome and fun date for an amazing day. I still can’t get over how perfect everything was. The day before the wedding was pouring rain, thunder and wind, but it was beautiful the day of, and everything else went off without a hitch. I’m so happy for you Jordo! Thank you for letting me brag on your wedding on my blog.

Photography // Reclaimed Moments

Cake // Tammy Allen Premier Wedding Cakes

Make-up // Adorne Artistry

Florist // Fleura Bella

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3 thoughts on “Sister Wedding Photo Flood

  1. Jordan says:

    Thanks boo boo <3 I love reliving this day through all of the photos, so happy you were by my side :)

  2. Beautiful pics, looks like a really happy day :)

  3. The photos, people, places, and outfits look outstanding! Thanks for showing us a part of your life!

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