I had a huge wedding post from Jordan’s big day queued up, but I wanted to make a special post for an amazing woman.

We lost my sweet grandma Nana late last week and even though it’s still hard to believe that she’s gone, I was so so lucky to have her as my grandmother. At times like this, people always tell you to focus on the good times, and with Nana, that was every time. I have no negative memories of her whatsoever. I remember when we’d visit her for a week every summer as a kid, and my sister and I would get up early and hop into bed with her to watch “Rainbow Pal”. She had a little crystal pendant she hung in her window, and we’d swing it around and watch all the little rainbows that flashed over the room.

She had an amazing story collection that made for the best bedtime stories and she’s famous in our family for her chocolate cake. She’d always put a toothpick in and whoever got it in their piece had to do the dishes. Lucky for us she always helped out no matter who got it.

And of course there’s more than just food and childhood memories. As an adult she taught me about the importance of staying positive, of saving for my future and of moisturizing everyday. When I was feeling down and lost about my career path, she let me know she was always hoping and praying for me to find something I’d thrive in. She’d call me all the time to let me know that she was somewhere beautiful and she thought about me and couldn’t wait till the next time we’d see each other.

There’ve been times that I’ve briefly wished that I was the kind of person who wasn’t super close to family so I wouldn’t have to deal with the pain of losing them, but that feeling passes when I remember how much goodness she added to my life. Any sadness I feel is worth it to know that she’s always going to be a part of the woman I’ve become. I know that the grief will come and go, but her love will always stay with me and I’ll try my very best to make sure I pass it on to others as joyfully as she did.

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3 thoughts on “Nana

  1. Daddoo says:

    She was a very special woman and so are you. Much Love.

  2. Mumsy says:

    Made me smile and cry at the same time. Well said sweet girl.

  3. Irene says:

    A beautifully written memory of your grandmother.
    Her positive nature tempers your spirit even as you write about her passing and what she meant to you and your family.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts of “Nana.”

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