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Derek Cardigan 7021 in Olive c/o

I love having a lot of glasses to choose from, but even with my growing collection, I realized that I didn’t have a pair of everyday tortoiseshell colored frames. I have giant cat-eyes and frames that are half tortoise/half clear, but a lot of days I want something classic and timeless. That’s why when I was contacted by about a new pair, I agonized over every pair of tortoiseshell glasses in the Derek Cardigan range.

I got my first pair of Derek Cardigan glasses through’s first pair free deal, and now I have three, so obviously I’m a fan! I’ve worn these every day since I got them about a week ago. I still love my other big, bold frames, but I’ve been craving a pair of glasses that can go with literally everything. Tortoiseshell glasses are one of those classic pieces that anyone can pull off. I can’t ignore my other frames forever, but these are going to be in heavy rotation for awhile, especially with fall coming up!

If you’ve been looking into getting glasses but haven’t taken the plunge, I highly recommend’s First Pair Free deal. I’m hoping that my mister is about to take the glasses plunge and it’s been so much fun looking through all the choices with him. They have a great selection for ladies and fellas alike.

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2 thoughts on “Derek Cardigan Glasses from

  1. Daddoo says:

    I like those. Of course you’re so pretty that the classes look better when you’re wearing them.

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