Uncreative Title About Fun in the Sun


It’s hard to tell from my pasty white skin, but I actually enjoy being outdoors and summery activities, especially if they involve water. I have a lot of weekend trips planned this summer (try every weekend until the end of September, ahhh!) and a good chunk of them include pools, lakes, or rivers. I think it’s not very practical to do full (or even half) makeup if you’re expecting to be in the water, but that doesn’t mean I don’t prep to get my sun/water time on.

Getting color is cool. Burning is not. It’s painful and awful. The only good part is when you get to peel your own molting skin off (if you’re into that… and I am). That’s why I lube up with Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Broad Spectrum 100+ SPF Sunscreen. I’ll touch up during the day with cheaper sunscreen, but I always start with this stuff. It dries quickly, feels good on my skin, and it protects against UVA and UVB rays. I know that SPF higher than 45 starts to seem a little ridiculous, but if it doesn’t hurt me, I’ll wear my stupidly high SPF products to make myself feel better. I also use this on the backs of my hands, neck and any exposed chesty bits on an everyday basis so I’ll have vampire skin when I’m old.

Foundation and tinted moisturizers tend to fade or look weird once I’m water logged, so I just focus on covering any obvious blemishes and my dark eye circles with Tarte’s Marajuca Creaseless Concealer because it doesn’t settle into my fine lines and it’s waterproof. A little of this goes a long way. I think they made it intentionally hard to squeeze out of that tube so people don’t go crazy with it.

Waterproof mascara is a must for me. I haven’t found my holy grail product for this, but L’oreal Paris’s Hydrofuge Voluminous Carbon Black mascara is the one I’ve been happiest with. I wasn’t getting the volume I wanted, so my friend recommended applying the second coat while the first is still wet and then brushing through the lashes, and I’ve gotten much more impressive results that way.

Now if you had so much fun that you forgot to reapply sunscreen every two hours, or if your skin is just feeling bad after battling the summer elements in general, it’s important to listen to your sad skin and do something for it. Aloe vera is good, but I love Burt’s Bees After Sun Soother with Aloe & Linden Flower. It’s like a moisturizer that also cools your skin. If you have that dried out after pool feeling or you got a little pink on the shoulders, this feels amazing. It’s even better if you keep it in the fridge and apply it when it’s nice and cold.

Of course after this I thought of tons of products that I wish I’d added, but them’s the breaks. Hair suffers under the sun too, so products like Bamboo’s Color Care UV+ Fade-Proof Fluide is good to help protect your hair from UV rays (even if your hair isn’t colored). Lip products with SPF are important too. I don’t have a favorite, but Soft Lips is the one I have in my bag/travel case right now.

What are your favorite summer-time products?

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5 thoughts on “Uncreative Title About Fun in the Sun

  1. Sam says:

    Nice title – lol. Like you said, I read an article awhile back about how SPF over 45 isn’t really all that trustworthy in terms of protecting much more than 45 already does. I didn’t even know they sold SPF100. Damn! lol. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

  2. Leah M. says:

    Thanks for the tips! I like Neutrogena’s Moisture Shine Lip Soother lipgloss with sunscreen in it. It’s kinda tingly and cooling, which feels awesome on chapped lips. Plus it has SPF 15 and the flavor I got tastes like peaches!

  3. Maria Vole says:

    Fun title! Summer skincare is so important – good job for highlighting it. I nominated you for a Liebster Award, check out the deets on my blog post here: http://getbudgetbeautiful.com/2013/08/17/liebster-award-nomination/.

    Maria xxx

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