Korres Lip Butter Glaze in Wild Rose



Now I know this is a glaze, so I shouldn’t have expected a deep, saturated color with one gloss, but I do wish it was closer to the brick red color of the tube. That said, this is a great wash of a pinkier red that’s easy to take with you and it CAN give great color pay off with a few layers, and it leaves an even pink stain.

My biggest problem with this product, and it’s only happened with the Wild Rose, so it might just be this particular tube, but it’s very hard to squeeze out! And when I do get it out, it’s very likely to show up streaky. I have to rub it into my lips with my finger to help even it out, and the whole reason I got the lip glaze instead of the lip butter in the pot was to avoid getting color on my fingers. I’m hoping it’s just this individual tube I got, because I have the lip glaze butter in Pomegranate and it’s always been a good, glossy consistency.

Overall, I like using this but I probably won’t repurchase, or if I do it’ll be the lip butter in the pot because it’s easier to get a streakless, even layer of rosy color.

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