Mint Condition




Mint Blue Chiffon Pleated Maxi Skirt – Chichwish // Short-sleeve Portofino Shirt – Express // Rose Headband – Forever 21 // Glasses – Bonlook’s La Marquise

I broke down awhile back and introduced some significantly different color to my wardrobe. I have so many white shirts just begging to be paired with this skirt. It’s always so billowy and fun on the wind tunnel of a sidewalk by my work, and it’s maxi so I don’t have the fear that it’ll blow too far up. It’s just getting hotter in Texas, but the fabric is loose and light, so I actually prefer wearing this to jeans if I have a choice.

The shirt is also my new love and it’s getting a lot of wash and wear. It’s the short-sleeved cousin to my beloved portofino shirts from Express. It’s a soft ivory color and I just can’t stop myself from wearing it as soon as it comes out of the laundry. It’s perfect for my maxi skirts, for shorts, for jeans, for anything! And I can wear a nude cami under it for work (like above) or I can pair it with one of my bright-colored long-line bras for a fun weekend outing.

AND as a final note, if it isn’t obvious in this photo, I recently redyed my hair what was supposed to be medium brown. Medium brown on me is apparently espresso/black. I’ve been trying to wear it up so there isn’t as much around my face to showcase how wonderfully it washes out my pasty skin. Ironically, the lady at Sally’s recommended Ion’s Color Defense Clarifying Shampoo to help lighten it. Bad if you’re buying it to help your color last, but good for helping me lighten it a little. I just wanted to even out my darker brown roots with my grown-out faded auburn. Cry cry all day. Oh well.

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One thought on “Mint Condition

  1. Daddoo says:

    Great summer color.

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