Summer Down Now


1. Balenciaga Florabotanica // I’ve been living with deluxe samples of this for a few months. I can only hold out buying the actual one for so long. With notes of carnation, wild mint, turkish rose essence, hemp leaves, vetiver roots and white amber, it’s a beautifully complex floral scent. Even though it’s rose based, it has a really sultry seductive twist on it. I’m not actually that seductive, but I feel really cool and confident spritzing this on when I’m getting ready to spend a humid evening drinking outside with friends. It’s a little too much for everyday wear, so my little vial I got with my last Sephora order will last me a little longer. Full-size I’m coming for you (once my wallet beefs up)!

2. Floral and Frill Maxi Skirt from Chicwish // I’m so happy that maxi length dresses and skirts are in abundance, but if I get my hands on this one, it will probably be my last one for awhile. I have a black and a mint maxi and they are perfect and breezy for Texas summer despite their length. When I saw the photo of Karlie Kloss (below), it was over for me. I’ve been eyeing this floral one because I love the colors and I love maxis, and I hope it can find it’s way into my closet in the future.

3. Swedish Hasbeens Peep-Toe Super-High Clogs // I’m currently locked in a bitter bidding war for a pair of these online. Shoes are one of the things I don’t usually splurge on, but I have literally been wanting a pair of Swedish Hasbeens for a year. If I can’t get something out of my head for that long, I will save some and try to make it happen. These just look like they’d be perfect for spring, summer and even part of warm Texas fall. Wish my luck!


Karlie Kloss in American Vogue July 2013

Inspiration for my floral maxi dreams. I’m gonna get you.

ALSO, I might be able to keep it up if I get a good backlog of posts, but I have a super busy late summer between family trips and wedding related visits for my sweet baby sister’s wedding, but I have a feeling that I’ll probably be posting less frequently. BUT that’s not for sure. Maybe I’ll dress amazingly well on these trips and trick someone in taking photos of me. We’ll see. I hope I can keep it up because I love blogging and I actually have a ton of products I want to review. Fingers crossed!

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  1. […] good. Two of the pieces are recent acquisitions, but I’ve been dreaming about them since last summer, so I’m glad I finally got my cold little hands on them, although the clogs I got are […]

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