Aquarium Date Outfit


denimyellowdress1Denim Blazer – Target // Dress – UO // Gray Suede Shoes – Target // Necklace – Gift from my uncle // Glasses – Bonlook’s Zagg Frames

This is what I wore for a date day with Mark on Saturday! We went to the Dallas World Aquarium and then out for sushi (which Mark felt guilty about). We spend a lot of weekends watching Netflix and relaxing, so it was nice to change it up and go out just the two of us. The aquarium was much less crowded than the last time we went (who knew that the weekend around Fourth of July was a big aquarium outing weekend?) so we got to see a lot more, including lots of crocodiles (Mark’s favorite) and Japanese garden eels (mine!).

I’m getting a lot of wear out of this denim jacket, but I’m already realizing I’m gonna have to retire it to evening outings. It was almost 99 today! I forgot was this kind of oppressive heat is like. Yowza.

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One thought on “Aquarium Date Outfit

  1. Daddoo says:

    How cute are you?! Looking forward to seeing you at the lake this weekend.

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