Garden Party Spring Flings



I don’t get into a lot of the springtime clothing trends (other than wearing less clothing in general), but I do love using products that put me in a warm weather mood. I threw together some of my favorite floral/fruit/fresh feeling beauty thingies as of late.


Strawberry Sponge Hair Curlers

I’m hoping to do a full review on these as soon as next week, but for now I can talk about them and just revel in how adorable they are. I love rag rolls but they are a pain for me to tie up properly, so when I saw these sponge rollers starting to pop up (the original ones I saw were plain and yellow like yo-yos), I hopped on Amazon and looked around for some cheap ones. Of course I stumble upon these strawberry shaped ones and I was smitten. You just roll you hair from the ends up in a bunch of these little beauties, fall asleep and then wake up to bouncy curls! My hair has gotten very long, so I need quite a few. I actually have nine of these total but I have enough hair that I should probably order another set of three. They’ve been nice to take some heat out of my styling routine.




Blossom Scented Lip Gloss in Raspberry

If you couldn’t tell, I was mostly drawn to the look and packaging of this gloss. I also didn’t have a plain clear gloss before this one, so it’s nice to have something I can slap over a lip color that’s going a little dry or just a naked lip. It’s more of an oil that a gloss, so it absorbs into the lips fairly quickly, but when you first put it on it has a little bit of a slip. The raspberry scent is light but nice, and there’s no taste to it. The flowers in there are just a beautiful added bit.


Caudalie Beauty Elixir

This is amazing. I’ve always had a hard time explaining what this does and why I’m willing to shell out $18 for 1 oz. I didn’t even use it very much the first time I bought it because I’d gone in asking for a small fragrance/mist to use when I wanted to freshen up after working outside in the summer, and this is more of a toner. It’s so much more though! In the hot weather especially, I keep this in my purse to spritz on my face when I’m getting sweaty and gross. It’s like a floral water with extra oils to refresh and soothe your complexion. I totally understand that it’s a lot of dollars for such a small amount, but it’s such a wonderful product. I should probably look into cheaper rose water or something though because it’s going fast.

I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend! We don’t have anything special planned but I’m really excited because Mark and I both have Monday off and that’s always fun to hang out and cook and play with Elvira. We’re very exciting obviously.

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2 thoughts on “Garden Party Spring Flings

  1. callmejagi says:

    The strawberries are so cute! Do they work? Looking forward to your review. ^.^

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