Butter London Nail Polish in Queen Vic



I got this last fall on a whim after seeing it a few times. I was going to a wedding and wanted something festive to go with my simple dress. The color is amazing and vibrant, a nice deep raspberry shade, but the formula makes me wish I hadn’t dropped so much monies on it.

It’s pretty thin for one. Now, I like thinner polishes sometimes because it’s easier to get a smooth layer without any lumps on the nail tip, but there is such a thing as too thin. It’s hard to tell in this photo, but I have three layers on polish on, and in the light you can still see streaks. I don’t mind doing three layers instead of two if I love a color, but it better be opaque by that third coat.

It also chips fairly early. I used a cheaper NYC topcoat instead of Seche Vite, so I didn’t expect it to last a full week or anything, but I put this on Sunday night and by Monday afternoon I could see the tip wearing down, and by Tuesday there were some full on chips and cracks in the polish. Disappointment city.

Despite all that, I already own it and the color is beautiful, so I might as well use up this bottle. I’ve had great luck with some other Butter London polishes (I’m looking at you, Rosie Lee), but I’d look for a dupe of this one if I were you.

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4 thoughts on “Butter London Nail Polish in Queen Vic

  1. miss belle says:

    love this colour! too bad it doesn’t last…

  2. Angela says:

    How disappointing! I’m used to butter London having such good formula and wear. It’s a beautiful colour but definitely dupe-able (in fact I probably have one or two)

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