GlamGlow Super-Mud Clearing Treatment




I took a hint from my good friend Becca and picked up the GlamGlow Super-Mud Clearing Treatment mask that I sampled a month or so back. You can get it for almost half off on Amazon, and that’s what I did. Here is a play by play recount of what happens when I wear it for your viewing pleasure. This mask sucks the junk right out of your pores, so if you’ve got a lot of pore congestion like I did when I used it, you can see it all right out in the open. It’s kind of gross, so be warned, but if you like to see a product with immediate results, this is extra fun (and effective!). If you have trypophobia or a fear of pods/clusters, some people don’t like the exaggerated look of the pores, so be careful going forward if you’re sensitive to that!


Here’s me straight out of the shower, wet hair and all. I’m hiding as best I can while still showing a little bit of my nekkid face.


Here’s the mast right when you put it on. It goes on a dark gray but starts to dry down to a light gray-green almost immediately. Even though I got this at a good price, I still only spot treat on my worst areas (nose and chin).


This is the 5-minute mark. It works fast, especially if you’ve got gross stuff hiding in your disgusting pores like me.


Ten minutes in and it’s getting good. The sides of my nose are always the worst along with a few spots on the bridge and bulb.


I waited it out until the 20-25 minute mark for the last set of photos. You can see how much oil and greasy gunk came out of the crease above my nostrils. It’s not even the little circles above the pores. They all join together. Nice.

I hope everyone can still look at me the same after seeing all my dirty grossness. When I was looking for product reviews on this I really wanted pictures like this so I hope I can do someone out there a favor. This mask is kind of pricey for the amount you get, especially at full value, but if you use it as a spot treatment and not a full face treatment every time, you can make it last quite awhile. It has other benefits besides clearing out congested pores, like helping with texture and discoloration, but I love it for the pore clearing properties.

When I first wash it off my skin is a little red and my pores are still a little stretched out, but once my skin has few minutes to recover, my pores are noticeably cleaner and smaller-looking.  They stay that way for days and with repeated uses, it takes longer for them to fill up. I use this about once a week to keep them under control.

If you’re interested, definitely soften the blow to your pocketbook and looking on for places that offer it cheaper than Sephora or department stores!

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6 thoughts on “GlamGlow Super-Mud Clearing Treatment

  1. Great review. I have thought about trying this for a while. It looks a lot like Mudd Mask. Do you think it is? Have you tried that?

  2. pau says:

    This looks great! But is this geared towards oily skin, combination, or dry?

    • It says it’s suitable for all skin types, but if you live near a Sephora, they’re really nice about giving samples so you can make sure it’s a good match for you. I have predominantly dry skin with some oily patches on my chin and nose (that still get flaky and gross, boo!), and I’ve used it on my full face and just my t-zone without irritation.

  3. jennyhang says:

    I tried this sample from Sephora because I have the same problem… was it SUPER “burning”/tingling for you as it was for me?

    • This one didn’t burn when I wore it, but I did try the GlamGlow Tingling and Exfoliating Mask (in the black container) and that did irritate my skin and tingle in a bad way.

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