NARS Tolede Lipstick & New Peepers




Derek Cardigan 7010 Frames in Smoke & NARS Tolede Lipstick

I promise this is my last pair of glasses. When had a sale a few weeks back, I couldn’t help it. I now have one of every style I’ve ever wanted. Since these are newer they’ve been getting a lot of wear in my eye wear rotation. I’ve also been wearing my new NARS Tolede Satin Lipstick almost every day. I bought it when I was picking up a gift for my sweet Becca’s birthday, and I’d had my eyes on this one for awhile so I tossed it in my bag. I have a NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil but I’ve never owned a NARS tube lipstick. What have I been doing!? It’s a beautiful rosy color that almost perfectly matches my lips, and the texture is like heaven. I really hate the term “my lips but better”, but dammit that’s what this is. MLBB.


I feel like my everyday lip colors have less staying power since they aren’t as bold as one of my reds or berry colors, but when I wear this Make Up For Ever clear Lip Line Perfector underneath Tolede, it lasts a good 6 hours and has even fade when it does wear off. I used to use the Maybelline clear lip liner and it works good, but the MUFE one gets my lips so tacky that anything will stick forever! I like it even better than my MAC Lip Prep & Prime (but not by much I swear).

I hope everyone’s had a good week! I’m really looking forward to this weekend. I’ve felt like every day was Friday since mid-week and it’s been throwing off my groove.

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2 thoughts on “NARS Tolede Lipstick & New Peepers

  1. Social Team says:

    Love this! You look fantastic. :)

  2. […] Nars Lipstick in Tolede // Man oh man the lipstick was hard. I would have a horrible time living with only one or two lipsticks. The first one I picked was Nars’s Tolede because it’s a beautiful rose color and I can wear it with anything. It’s very classic and just so nice. I wear it a lot and I never feel overdone. […]

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