Festival Shorties





Blouse – Forever 21 // High-Rise Festival Shorties from American Eagle // Forget Me Knot Ring – Fred Flare // Nails – Revlon’s Colorstay in Marmalade

I’m still struggling with weather that fluctuates between 40’s-50’s in the morning and 60’s-70’s in the afternoon. When I get home though, I’ve been changing into these and pretending it’s full-on spring. It’s no secret that I love short shorts, but I didn’t have any that were more heavily distressed. I can’t wait for these to get more shredded as time goes on. I went with the high-waisted ones because I’ve got a long torso and I love to tuck in shirts if I can.

Please get here soon, Spring! I’m worried winter is going to go straight into summer and skip those nice mild days in between.

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One thought on “Festival Shorties

  1. […] it. I usually don’t like to repeat colors so close together (I wore this about two weeks ago here), so I tried to switch it up by using a matte top coat instead of a high-shine one. I use Deborah […]

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