Badger Cocoa Butter Lip Balm Review


Mark got me paranoid that I was addicted to lip balm, and so I finally did a little research. While actual addiction to lip balm is not usually the case, there are ingredients that can dry out or irritate your lips (like menthol, camphor and phenol). They might give you a tingly sensation but might ultimately lead to feeling like you need more lip balm. Some experts even say that over applying lip balm can interfere with the lips’ ability to produce fresh cells. I read an article on Birchbox that I thought summed it up pretty well:

“As the top layers of skin die and flake off, your body signals the bottom layers to produce fresh cells. But when you apply balm, you slow moisture loss, so your dead top cells don’t dry out as quickly, and your skin isn’t producing fresh cells deep down. Once the balm wears off, there are no plump new cells to replace the expiring ones, which means your lips feel dry.”

So basically I’ve just been trying to apply less often and use products with more oils instead of tingly bits. Enter this Badger balm. I picked it up at the checkout line at Sprouts, and the first time I applied it it felt really waxy, but it got soft when I put it on my lips. The moisturizing feeling lasts a long time and it feels like it actually absorbs into my lips instead of sitting on top like a shield. I don’t know why it’s called Poetic Pomegranate though because I cannot sense any hint of pomegranate in the flavor or smell. It’s predominantly the cocoa butter scent.

I got mine at Sprouts but I’ve seen it at Ulta too. They have it in stick form and in tins so there are options!

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2 thoughts on “Badger Cocoa Butter Lip Balm Review

  1. We call it “Poetic Pomegranate” because we took poetic license with the scent! :) There is a ton of Pomegranate oil in the lip balm – great antioxidants for healthy lips!

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