Heart Overload

Heart Overload

Essie’s In Stitches & L’Oreal’s Because You’re Worth It

In case you haven’t already gotten your feel, here is a quick heart-riddled photo of my nails for Valentine’s Day. I figured a nail on the ring finger, heart bokeh filter, and heart cutout should do it.

The mister and I don’t usually do much on actual Valentine’s Day but we still love each other! We’re usually gifted out by this point because both of our birthdays, our anniversary, and Christmas all fall within a month of each other in December-January, so we eat a lot of discount candy and sometimes go out for dinner the weekend after VD.

No matter how you spend it, I hope you have a good Valentine’s Day! My friend Becca made a good point that it doesn’t have to be about lovey gooey significant other stuff (that’s okay too though!). Her family and mine have always used it as an excuse to celebrate each other. Dawww.

Anyways this is my Valentine’s Day post. I hope you liked my sorry excuse for nail art. The iPhone is really forgiving at showing my crappy heart-drawing skills.

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