DIY: Cat & MousePad

Isn’t the title so clever you could die? I know, I know it’s pretty awful. I apologize.


There are a couple of ways to do this, but when I did it I used:

  • A plain black mousepad (I got mine from Target)
  • Crayola Air-Dry Clay for my cat stamp
  • Water for molding clay
  • Something to cover my work station (I used wax paper)
  • Paper
  • toothpick
  • Acrylic Craft Paint (I love the metallics from Martha Stewart’s collection!)
  • Paintbrush
  • pen or pencil


The stamp is something you can make many ways. A Beautiful Mess has about a million (or at least 4 or 5) ways to make stamps, whether it’s a foam stamp, a rubber stamp, or even a veggie stamp! I think the foam stamp is easiest but this craft sort of hit me out of nowhere out of the weekend and I already had the clay on hand. I cut out the cat shape and attached a little handle to the back. Then I had to wait a day for it to be ready. It was hard cause I’m so impatient sometimes!


I traced the shape of my mousepad on a sheet of paper.


If you’re adventurous, you can really just stamp right off the bat, but I wanted a very neat pattern so I mapped it out before hand to make sure I’d have enough room.


I cut out the shape of the mousepad, laid it directly over and then punched through the center of each cat shape with some of my gold paint on the toothpick so I’d have a rough idea of where to aim the stamp…


It worked pretty good. Again, this is me being overly cautious. Depending on your pattern/shape, I bet a random stamping would look good too.


This was my favorite part. I painted the gold onto the stamp pretty thick so you could actually see the brush strokes when I stamped it. If you push the stamp directly into the paint it comes out much smoother and uniform.


And stamp away! Also my hand is blinding and that mousepad looks dusty. I promise it’s not that grimy looking in real life.


And that’s it! I wish you could see how shimmery the little cat heads are! They aren’t just yellow blobs. The bottom half of the last shot is it actually in action at my office desk! I don’t really use a lot of paper products or the usual office knick-knacks like pushpins or paperclips, so I’m a little limited on what I can use to make my space unique, but I use my mousepad every day and this is way more fun than my boring one before. If I ever get my area all sorted out (I’m still pretty new and my desk looks empty compared to my colleagues), maybe I’ll snap some shots of it!

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One thought on “DIY: Cat & MousePad

  1. Daddoo says:

    Very clever little Thunder Heart. Once again your creativity amazes me. ML- Daddoo

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