Yes to Carrots Softening Facial Mask



Hello internet.

I got this on discount at Ross, and I love a good mask. I was a little apprehensive though because I once used the Yes to Cucumbers Calming mask and my face broke out in a red awful rash. I used this one on a day where I wasn’t going anywhere just in case.

The first time I applied it my skin felt really good afterwards. You only keep it on for two minutes so it’s not a big time commitment, and unlike a lot of masks I try, my skin didn’t feel really dry afterwards. Unfortunately that was only the first time. The second time my face felt dry and it wasn’t necessarily softer. It just felt like I had washed it (which I did right before I put the mask on).

The third time I think I applied it too thick because my skin started stinging immediately. I had used the mask maybe 4-5 days previously but I didn’t think my skin would be sensitive. I gave it another week and tried it one more time, applying a very thin layer so my skin didn’t sting. I didn’t have a bad reaction but I just didn’t see any real results. I’ll keep it around and keep using it since it doesn’t do any harm, but my skin didn’t feel softer or more moisturized. Boo!

I really want to love the Yes to products but I’ve never had one really wow me. Do any of you have their products that you love?

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2 thoughts on “Yes to Carrots Softening Facial Mask

  1. Tomiko says:

    I have used the yes to carrots super rich body butter, I like it because scent is nice not overwhelming and works good. But you are right there are other products from the brand that just don’t cut it. I once bought one of their lip balms and it was awful…

    • My biggest disappointment from them was the Yes to Blueberries Under Eye Brightener. I started taking photos to see if there was any improvement, but there was nothing. It was expensive and the rollerball put out almost zero product without a lot of effort. That was a sad day when I gave up on it.

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