New Peepers: Derek Cardigan Glasses




I finally fell into the hype of free glasses from I’m not sure how long they’re doing it for, but right now they’re offering your first pair of frames with basic lenses free (you pay shipping but it’s nothin!). You can pick from a pretty healthy selection of their frames, and even though I tried to fight the allure of the Derek Cardigan Frames in Black Fade because it seemed like EVERYONE was getting them, I gave in to my own trendy self. The heart wants what it wants.

I’ve seen them on my instagram and on a couple of blogs, and it makes sense now that I have them. They’re fun and the fade makes them a little different than your standard bold black frame. I was really excited because they take me back to my unsatisfying search for glasses exactly like this when I was a sophomore in college because I saw a photo of Natalie Portman wearing some and immediately had to have them. I didn’t get what I wanted back then. I ended up with some really oversized, completely clear frames that garnered a lot of ire from everyone from the sales lady who sold them to me (“Those?”) to my co-workers at Jamba Juice. They did their job while I was a smoothie slinger in school, but they didn’t make it into the working world.

I like these better with my hair down cause when it’s up they border on taking over my face, but I have my hair up constantly so I’ma live with it and make it werk. My look is usually 30% bangs, 30% glasses and 40% face anyway.

Most glasses companies send you a cleaning cloth and a container, and Coastal was no exception, but they also included a cleaning solution in a little spray bottle and a tiny keychain with a screwdriver to tighten up loose screws on the hinge. Genius! Since I never really carry my container case around with me, I loved that they put it all in a little plastic case about the size of my palm, so now I can toss it into my purse and give my lenses a proper clean instead of just rubbing them on my shirt like a hoodlum.

Note: On the last photo I used Simon Flip’s Photoshop action Orchid and then changed the contrast a little bit. Also, hello Everlane blouse again! Always good for a classy headshot.

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2 thoughts on “New Peepers: Derek Cardigan Glasses

  1. Daddoo says:

    I like them. It is a good look on you. Much love.

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