Pucker Up! Lipstick Queen Butterfly Ball in Moment





It was two Christmases ago when I lazily put off buying the limited edition Monarch by Lipstick Queen from Refinery29. It was this beautiful sheer red, and the lipstick itself was covered in this amazing turquoise shimmer. I conveniently ignored the label limited edition and scoured the internet afterwards to find it, but it was hopeless. Finally on some forum, someone with an icon featuring Poppy’s face said that if I missed Monarch, to try Moment because it was the closest to it.

It’s obviously not the exact same as Monarch, but it’s a moisturizing formula that gives me a red for everyday wear. If you’re nervous about rocking a red lip and you want a lipstick that screams glamor, this is a good solution. It’s moisturizing and the sheer, and the shimmer just looks pretty on the lipstick itself. It doesn’t transfer to your lips so if you’re scared of/hate glitter that’s not a problem. The turquoise is supposed to help you teeth appear whiter, but I didn’t notice that since the glitter didn’t travel from the tube to my lips. To be fair I’m actually in the middle of whitening my teeth so anything I see I might be attributing to the whitening strips and not the lip color.

I’ve got a bunch of lipstick reviews coming up this week! I’m pretending it’s for Valentine’s Day, but I’m horrible with holiday themed posts. Either way I have a decent backlog of posts so you can look forward to regular posting!

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