From Toes to Tips


Ankle Boots – M.P.S. // Nail Polish – Butter London’s Chancer

A few weeks ago, as a part of my apartment wide purge-a-thon, I finally tossed my old American Eagle pleather booties (rest in peace boo boo). I’d had them since freshman year of college and they were my favorite cool weather shoes. They were flat and slouchy but had a pointed toe and some strappy bits so I always felt a little bit like a witchy biker babe with them. I would’ve had a shoe burial for them if that were socially acceptable.

To ease my suffering (and keep my black shoe quota up) I got these from Off Broadway Shoes when my mom was in town. The little curve on the heel makes me feel fancy (channeling Miu Miu shoes I may or may not ever own), and I love the way they hit on my ankle. I feel sufficiently badass when I wear them, so it’s dulling the pain of losing the AE booties to wear and tear.


I also picked up this Butter London nail polish and matching lip gloss at Nordstrom Rack. I know! I know! I never wear gloss but there’s red glitter in it and it looks so sexy and amazing over red lipstick (to me anyways). Back to the nail polish. It’s opaque in two coats because the glitter is set in a sheer red polish. Bad news? I think it speaks for itself. I applied this on a Thursday night and by Saturday at noon the chipping was in full swing.

NOW, I did start using a new base coat about two weeks ago, but that base coat hasn’t chipped with other polishes like this one did. It’s a toss up. The set was cheap and the polish is fun (especially with Valentine’s day rolling around), but the chipping was devastatingly bad and you can’t always get Butter London on clearance.

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One thought on “From Toes to Tips

  1. Must Have Boxes says:

    I need that Butter polish in my life.

    – KW

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