Agent Provocateur Candace Bra


Agent Provocateur has two sales a year, and I always chicken out on buying one until they’re sold out in my size of whichever bra I’ve got my eye on. This winter started no different. I watched one after another as styles I liked sold out before I could even get to the check-out page.

I bit the bullet in the end though. I slapped this sucker in my basket and checked out faster than you can say Paypal. Sure their shipping fee is ridiculous, but I’ve never owned an underthing this nice before, and when it arrived in it’s beautifully wrapped box, I couldn’t get it on fast enough.

I’m not brave enough to post a photo of me wearing it, but it is amazing! I know there are some people who scoff as splurging on something other people can’t see under your clothes (and by scoff, I mean they’re totally reasonable because this is definitely a want, not a need), but I feel so confident and fancy when I know I’ve got it on, and ultimately it’s how it makes me feel that I take into account. I had some money put away in anticipation of the winter sale, but except maybe once or twice a year, I can’t really spend more than the average $10-20 for a bra. I’m trying to decrease the cost per wear by wearing it under anything and everything I can. The lace is soft and comfortable, so no itchies! Since it finally cooled down in Dallas, it’s easy to slip it on under a thicker sweater and not worry about a lumpy bra silhouette.

Okay, now I’m just rambling. One last thing- I wanted to say thank you to my friend Catherine over at See Creatures because otherwise I wouldn’t even know about AP! She also has a great lingerie tumblr called Pearl & Umbra, so if you have one you should follow it!


4 thoughts on “Agent Provocateur Candace Bra

  1. DAKOTA says:

    I like the color and detail. Quite beautiful and feminine.

  2. BabyKay says:

    Haven’t been on your blog for awhile but I love what you did with the layout! xx

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