Sweater – Forever 21 // Tights – Old (from Target I think) // Shorts – Target // Ankle Boots – Anthropologie

My cool mister helped me take photos outside! Of course when we went out the sun was in my eye, and if we were faced the other way you’d see a sidewalk decimated by bird poop. I love living right by our little lake, even when the wind comes off it and sounds like it’s gonna knock our windows off. I like hearing the geese and the coots and even the seagulls (don’t ask me why we have hundreds of seagulls on the pond in North Texas), but man do I hate how the water birds make a mess on the sidewalk. I used to walk along the water to get to my car in the morning, but it’s like a mine field!

We ran a bunch of errands this weekend, including buying a new entertainment center from Ikea for our new big-ass TV. I love putting together Ikea furniture. Unfortunately this week has been a lot of cleaning out and getting ready to rearrange our living room to fit the new stuff.

One of my non-specific New Year’s resolutions is to simplify my life posessions-wise because we’ll probably be moving closer to my work when our lease is up this year, so I’m trying to stream-line everything and purge things I’m not in love with. It sounds great in theory and it’s very gratifying once it’s done, but gathering everything together that I want to give away or toss makes our living space look a lot messier in the meantime. Blegh.

Sorry for the novel. I’ll do a proper post and some reviews soon I promise!

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