Hot & Cold Christmas






Blouse – Forever 21 // Metallic Shorts – Anthropologie // Oxford Heels – TJ Maxx // Tights – ASOS // Bracelet – Gift from my Aunt Mel! // Bow Ring – Fred Flare // Lipstick – MAC Runaway Red

Thank you to my sweet mom for taking these picture for me! These are from Christmas day in my parents’ backyard. Don’t we have an impressive wood stack?

I wore this to open presents with Mark’s family and then have dinner with my own fim fam. Christmas in Texas is always unpredictable. I’ve seen snow on Christmas Eve, and then there was this year where we woke up to a balmy 75 degrees and by the time dinner rolled around it was in the upper 30’s.

I’m back in Dallas now so posts should get back to their regular sporadic schedule.


2 thoughts on “Hot & Cold Christmas

  1. Christine@BrazenBeauty says:

    Such a GREAT look. Merry Christmas :)

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