Holiday Cheer in Black




Quarter-Sleeve Jacket – Old Navy // Glitter Cross Shirt – Forever 21 // Jeans – Old Navy // Lace-Insert Booties – Forever 21 // Bag – Ross // Tiny Skull Necklace – H&M // Lipstick – Revlon Wine Not

I wore this to go Christmas shopping when it was all the way down to 60 degrees (gasp!). The weather man says we’ll have flurries tonight, but we’ll see. It was really windy when I was out but I’ve also been wearing short sleeves and sweating when I walk to lunch outside this past week, so you can imagine my skepticism.

If it’s going to be warm the lighting could at least be better. These grainy photos are killing me :(

In other news, I’m dying my hair dark auburn tonight because the winter always makes me miss dark hair the same way summer makes me long for coppery locks. I hope I don’t regret it but I think my hair needs a break from the lightening, so demi-dark it is!


2 thoughts on “Holiday Cheer in Black

  1. Laure Parkinson says:

    I can’t wait to see your dark hair! I usually go dark in the winter too, but this year I might put some holiday colors in my hair…

    Also I love your Revlon lipstick! I am obsessed with dark lip colors right now…I might have to go grab a tube of that.

    • It’s really similar in color to Black Cherry but I love that it’s matte.
      I also underestimated how much hair I have/how long it’s gotten, so I didn’t buy enough dark brown hair dye, so I need to touch up some patchy spots . I’ve been top-knotting it to hide the uneveness :(

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