Revlon’s Wine Not Matte Lipstick






I hope you enjoy these gratuitous pictures of my face because I couldn’t pick a favorite. This lipstick is amazing! I have a huge thing for matte lipsticks to begin with, but the combination of the deep burgundy was a super plus.

I lucked out in the best way because yesterday when I hung out with Becca, not only did I get to drink her delicious hot chocolate, walk around Target, and play with her cute dog, I also ended up taking home some wonderful makeups from her good-but-just-not-for-me pile, including this little beauty.

I put this on right before going out to do some Christmas shopping (thank goodness I’m almost done), and by the time I got home it had faded a little, but it faded pretty evenly. Since the color is dark to begin with, I had a healthy amount of color left on my lips. The only spot where it was a little uneven was the bottom half of my lower lip, and all that really did was contour it to look fuller.

Thank you again Becca for letting me take this off your hands. I loves it!


8 thoughts on “Revlon’s Wine Not Matte Lipstick

  1. pearlsandparis says:

    Great color!

  2. Jordo says:

    You look like Anne Hathaway in the bottom picture. Luv yew.

  3. Daddoo says:

    That is a great color on you. Much love, D

  4. Gorgeous shade, love you whole look :-)

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