November Birchbox: Giving



1. John Varvatos Artisan //  I didn’t notice at first that this was meant as a gift to share with a man in your life, so I wondered why it smelled so masculine. I thought it was citrusy and clean smelling, but still had that distinct cologne smell. Oddly enough when I let my mister Mark smell it, he didn’t think it was meant for men at all. On the Birchbox website, it’s described as a “fresh-from-the-shower cologne” with “Sicilian clementine, Mexican mandarin, and tangelo with woody base notes like kephalis and Georgywood. There are hints of thyme, too, and musky serenolide”. Mark said he thought it smelled pleasant but not very unique. I agree. I like my men to smell spicy.

2. Birchbox Keychain // Even though it’s pink. I have a feeling I’ll be using this quite a bit. When I go out, I usually take my keys, an id, money, and a lipstick. Now I can put my lipstick in this convenient pouch so it’s not floating loose.

3. Oscar Blandi Pronto Texture & Volume Spray // I still don’t know if I’m using texturing sprays right, but I’ve heard great things about Oscar Blandi and I definitely like it better than any of the beach texturing sprays I’ve tried. It gives some body and moldability to my hair, but I’m still put off by the slightly tacky feeling my hair gets, but that goes for any volumizing powder or spray I’ve used. It just feels like my hair is sticking together in a lump. The smell did put me off a bit. It doesn’t linger, but when it first comes out of the can, it has a weird blend of pepper and bleach. Like I said, it’s weird, but it fades very quickly.

4. ModelCo FIBRE LASHXTEND Lengthening Mascara // It does just what it says it will. It adds a good bit of length to my lashes and it doesn’t clump. It flaked a tiny bit but nothing crazy. You can see the results below on this beautiful closeup of my eyes (sarcasm, why did I not fill in my brows before taking this). I applied the LASHXTEND to the eye to the left and the other eye has nothing on it.

5. Mox Botanicals Lip Butter in  Fig & Pomegranate // This feels really nice when first applied, and the little container is cute and portable. Unfortunately the effects are short-lived. I have to reapply it constantly. It smells good, but I’m mainly just using it out of habit because I keep it right by my sink. No dice.

6. Foldable Gift Box // Not sure when I’ll use this because it’s not really my wrapping style, but it IS very convenient and cute, so I’m sure I’ll find something to put in it since Christmas is right around the corner (yaaaay!)

Not Pictured: LA FRESH® Eco Beauty Waterproof Makeup Remover // These came in little one-use packets. They worked well and left my skin feeling moisturized. The wipes had oil in them to help remove waterproof makeup, so I think that’s why my skin didn’t feel dry like most wipes do. They smelled like lavender which is not my favorite smell, but I’m finding it to be very popular lately so I’ll just have to deal.

Overall a really good box! I was pretty disappointed last month, but this one has me hanging in there for at least one more. I love Birchbox’s point program and their wide range of products, but I think I’m going to use my existing points to buy some gifts (and maybe grab the rollerball of Kate Spade’s Twirl heeey) and then call it quits for awhile. I just have so many samples I’m still working through and it makes it hard to pare down my beauty collection.

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