OOTD Revisited: Workin’

Button-up: Forever 21 // Cardigan: H&M // Jeans: I can’t remember! //Shoes: Thrifted+DIY // Bag: Kate Spade!!!

Even th0ugh I miss dressing up a little, being able to wear jeans at my new job is amazing. It’s been cool in the mornings, so I’ve been layering so I can shed if it gets warm.

The Kate Spade laptop bag was a beautiful gift from my mom and dad (who told me they were sending me leftover Halloween candy. Note: I’m a gullible adult/child hybrid). It fits my work laptop perfectly, and it’s lined with soft, silky polka-dotted material. Plus it has a ton of pockets!

I took these this weekend, so it’s pretty much identical to the outfit I wore on Tuesday, but I switched the shoes. I actually wore my gold glitter loafers, but for these pictures I switched it up and chose my brown and gold glitter booties (my own attempt to recreate these amazing Kelsi Dagger boots).

As for my website design change, I’m almost done. My big thing now is I want to move the comments section to the bottom of posts instead of beside it so it can be a one column layout. Any CSS gurus out there with some insight?

2 thoughts on “OOTD Revisited: Workin’

  1. those boots are stunning!

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