Cats & Rabbits

Rabbit Sweatshirt from Forever XXI // Cat Face Flats by Truffle (from //Going away cupcake from my work because…

I got a new job! I started today and between daylight savings time and the transition I have not had one second to take photos, but I have weekends off so hopefully I’ll have time to set up some more posts then! In the meantime, these are my new favorite animal themed purchases, and it’s surprisingly cool enough to wear the sweater!

I’ve been obsessed with the new photo app Afterglow. The filters are good but I love the shape cut outs. They make them look like blog-worthy photos!

The new job was amazing today, and even though I’m going to miss my old co-workers like CUH-RAZY, I know we’ll keep in touch and have plenty of girls’ nights. This is a really exciting time for me, and since it is November and all, I’m thankful for a chance to do a writing job that leaves me feeling useful and fulfilled.

One thought on “Cats & Rabbits

  1. Christine@BrazenBeauty says:

    Congratulations! Having a writing job is a wonderful thing…Have you ever read Annie Lamott? I love her work on writing.

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