Halloween Party I : Vampire Bat

This is my finished vampire bat costume for the Halloween party I attended on Saturday. Mark helped me take pictures right before we left for the party, so the lighting is a little weird, but weird lighting is creepy right? I was really happy with the end result. I added teeth at the last second to make sure people knew I was a VAMPIRE bat and not just a regular bat.

And for good measure, a silly picture. Mark was scared of my black face paint, so I tried to show my sweet side.

The costume consisted of:

  A black body suit/leotard

Black cinching belt

Bat cowl/cape (sewn by me)

Black lace ankle warmers over black oxford heels

Black fingerless gloves

Bat ear crown (handmade by me)

and Chanel’s “Very Vamp” nail polish for good measure

I hope everyone’s costumes are coming along well!

4 thoughts on “Halloween Party I : Vampire Bat

  1. Lauren says:

    This is fabulous! I love the first picture in the hallway. It looks like it could be ripped straight from a magazine!

  2. The Daddoo says:

    Great costume. Scary

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