Mustard & Cream

Sweater – Anthropologie // Jeans – Flying Monkey // Shoes – Thrifted // Purse – H&M

It’s getting darker earlier. This is my first year of blogging, so who knows what I’ll do for photos once it’s dark at 5:30 pm before I get home from work. Other than bad lighting, I love this time of year. I haven’t been able to wear this shirt comfortably since February or March. I’ve already worn tights and a cardigan twice since it started dipping into the low 70’s (I’m a little over zealous but ehhh…).


8 thoughts on “Mustard & Cream

  1. Katie says:

    Major purse envy! I know what I’ll be looking for the next time I’m in H&M.

  2. The Daddoo says:

    That is a great looking outfit. I love that color.

  3. Christine@BrazenBeauty says:

    You look terrific– not many people can pull off that color. You do, and well!

  4. ribbonsincurls says:

    I am fairly sure that the second photo in this post is my favorite photo of you ever. You look so pretty pretty.

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